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"We don't just like our Authentic Roof; we love it!  In fact, none of our friends has figured out is it is not real slate "
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Authentic Roof West, LLC was formed to bring an extraordinary solution to roofers and general contractors on the West Coast who often face difficult and seemingly insurmountable problems when building custom homes in areas with demanding requirements, often rigorous specifications and the need for sustainability in our ever-changing world.

Authentic Roof is the only synthetic slate that can make the claim that we have been on the market for 20 years without a single failure, or a single claim against the company.  So when we offer a 50 Year Warranty, in an industry where failures are more likely to result in lawsuits rather than corrective action, a two-decade-long record of unblemished performance, offers you peace of mind that you made the right choice.

Authentic Roof ™ mfg. by Crowe Building Products, LTD of Ontario, Canada is celebrating 20 years without a single claim against the product!!  (See article on This Old House re-roof with Bob Villa).  There are very few roofing products on the market today that can make that claim.  For more info on the history of Authentic Roof, click here.


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As a builder or roofing contractor, you are probably inundated with requests from your clients for new and better products, particularly now that the demand for “green” products is hitting new highs.  Authentic Roof ™ can help you meet the requirements of your clients who are looking for an extremely durable, enviromentally friendly roof with the timeless look of real slate.

Our Material

Authentic Roof ™ is mfg. using an uncontaminated ACE Compound base that is meticulously blended with an unrivaled UV protection package and vital FR (flame retardant) additives ensuring that that they are both locked in securely and thoroughly combined together. This process is also critical in delivering a “color-through” product. The actual color of Authentic Roof slates goes all the way through the product, not just the surface – additionally contributing to its long life expectancy.  Authentic Roof ™ is now a Stand-Alone Class A system.

Superior Life Expectancy

Rigorously tested, approved and certified by internationally recognized laboratories in various countries, Authentic Roof ™ is competitive with all high-end roofing materials and comes with a transferrable 50-year warranty upon purchase. However, all of our customers have taken great pride in knowing that they’ve replaced their roof, or put one on for the last time.

Ultra Violet Protection

With the growing concern of the sun’s harmful rays Authentic Roof ™ has been tried and tested to stand up to this challenging task. Its composite base offers a 15,000 hour direct Arizona sun exposure protection package. The unrivaled dual UV package embedded within our slates is among the best in the world.

Flame Resistant

Authentic Roof ™ is the ultimate shield to protect any home or building.  Authentic Roof ™ slates are a stand-alone Class A (UL 790) and can be used in the most fire-prone areas with confidence. 

Environmental Leadership

Not only is the Authentic Roof ™considered a "green roofing product" being made from primarily recycled materials, but it is one of the few products available that is actually 100% recyclable itself. Any cosmetically damaged or unused material can be recycled again into new slates or products and thus, will not take up space in landfills.         

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Authentic Roof ™ has been tested by an independent laboratory to determine the effect of Freeze/Thaw on our product, and to date, every test has shown that freeze/thaw has no affect whatsoever on the material.   Authentic Roof ™ slates do not  absorb moisture the way that some other composite materials do, and therefore is not impacted by the change in temperature, no matter how dramatic.  Ours is the only roofing material we know of that is virturally unbreakable at any temperature.

Light Weight

Truly a "Featherweight" advantage - The weight of Authentic Roof ™ slates is quite similar to that of standard shingles. It is approximately 4 times lighter than its real slate counterpart. This particular feature adds to the inherent characterisitc that Authentic Roof is much safer and much easier to install when compard to numerous other roofing systems. 

Impact Resistance

Authentic Roof ™ is virtually indestructible. Even the strength of the elements are no match. Tried and tested, Authentic Roof ™ offers the highest category impact testing available: Class 4 (UL 2218), as tested and certified by UL. This again solidifies its perfect fit with any home or building, particluarly in extreme weather areas. Whether its HAIL or even a HAMMER, it doesn't matter - visit this link to see for yourself. In Texas, homeowners enjoy up to 28% discount off their insurance for installing Authentic Roof ™ on their homes (hail devastates most ordinary roofs , but simply bounces off ours).

Please contact me if you would like samples sent to you, or if you would like us to bring by our mobile display roof, or to see a home on the West Coast where Authentic Roof ™ has been installed.  You may call Gregg Imus at

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